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Museum and Tourist Shop Inventory

Novastock is your partner in the management of your museums and your tourist shops.We use our expertise to improve your inventory management.

                     Why outsource your inventory with Novastock ?

We help you to submit reliable annual and intermediary accounts :

  • Objectivity of  the stock valuation
  • Easier Account certification

We provide you the latest technologies and methods at a lower cost:

  • Trained teams available all across France and Spain and intervening with local teams in Belgium, Portugal and Italy. A partnership agreement in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania.
  • Tailored interventions in other countries.
  • Efficient equipment (scanners, software) and in sufficient quantity

Thanks to us, you will benefit from the flexibility of outsourcing :

  • Local expertise to refocus corporate resources (labour, investment) in marketing, sales and development, especially internationally.
  • A greater reactivity in case of unexpected or excessive workload.

We make your sales per m2 more dynamic :

  • Inventories in shifts, to avoid loss of sales and minimize disruption to your organization.
  • Differences with the theoretical stock quickly and frequently detected.
  • Increased inventory reactivity

Nous participons directement à la maitrise de votre activité commerciale :

  • Quantify shrink
  • Collect reliable data for a homogenous management  of your stores within your network
  • Get a qualitative assessment and comparison of different stores
  • Ensure a quick data transmission and reception
  • Generalize unitary management and product flow

We facilitate inventory planning :

  • Organization of inventory sessions
  • Take into account the specific constraints of your store
  • Ensuring an effective interface between your  headquarters and your stores

Novastock adapts to your sector :

Our experience allows us to produce quality inventories in museums and tourist shops.

Our knowledge in this area allow us to manage the variety of products for your shop or your museum.

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