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Rental Event Pack Code 2D

You’re organizing an event and you want to rent material in order to control the influx and people’s identity ?

The event pack will assist you throughout your event.

It includes ;

- Datalogic Memor 2D barcode laser scanners .
- Our adapted software.
- A PC to upload information and its software in order to access information instantaneously.

Optional :

- Identification Badges for staff or guests.
- Assistance In situ from our technicians, the presence of a  Novastock technician to optimize the inventory and to provide technical assistance.

The basic pack for one weeks rental is 1250 € HT.

The pack includes :

- 5 Datalogic Memor 2D BARCODE LASER SCANNERS (supplied with Back up AA-size batteries, accessories and downloading tools).
- Data gathering software in the terminals
- A PC DELL Latitude to upload information and its software
- Preparation, control and delivery of the material (including consignment in Metropolitan France, for other destinations please contact us).
- 2 hours free Hotline assistance.

If you want more services such as a personal assistant do not hesitate to contact us
This solution will help you to carry out a quality event.

For more information, please contact us.

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