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Inventory, Audit and solutions.

Your inventory audited, monitored and controlled by Novastock.

To what purpose ?

  • To ensure the reliability of inventory operations
  • Have a national and European coverage and to ensure consistency of the audit regardless of the location of structures and without needing to mobilize teams from the Head Office
  • Look for an optimized economic approach,to budget and control costs
  • Benefit from specialist control methods and our experience
  • To ensure the objectivity of the intervention of an external service provider
  • Ensure transparency and exhaustive communication of information collected in the field

How does it work ?

  • Validation of various process controls and validation criteria
  • Provision of specialist external auditors and the setting up of a schedule for the deployment of your operations
  • Control compliance with procedures, implementation of controls (for surveys, targets ....)
  • Participation in inventory validation

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